Wired Magazine, Masdar City, AbuDhabi

After 3 days in the desert shooting a really interesting story for Wired magazine all the way back at the end of May, I think I’ve nearly managed to get all the sand out of my gear… and my ears… and some other places that are best talked about on a different blog.  With the thermometer at a refreshing 45 degrees, picking up my Black tripod was on occasion about as fun as inserting your hands into a toaster that’s residing in the mouth of a Lion (don’t ask me how it got there, not least where it was plugged in)

3rd degree burns aside the shoot was for an article on Masdar City. Located about 20km outside of Abu Dhabi it is one of the worlds most sustainable cities. At this stage the term ‘city’ is slightly overbilling it as it’s ambition and vision has, in the short term at least, had to be scaled back and altered slightly for a number of different reasons. The world financial crisis chief among them.

Unsurprisingly the article does a far better job of telling the story than my ramblings ever will, but here’s a few images from the magazine…


Sun City Poms – New Personal Project

Nearing the end of a even crappier than normal English Winter (quite an achievement on mother natures part), when you tell your mates you’ve just got back from a week shooting cheerleaders in Arizona for a new personal project, thoughts of quitting their jobs, picking up a camera and buying a plane ticket in the name of art most likely flash through their frontal lobe faster than the length of time it takes me to tell them that the youngest one was 55. What they’re thinking between that and me elaborating that the eldest was 83, is probably best kept tucked away where it came from.

Sun City is a retirement city of around 37,000 people just outside of Phoenix, Arizona that I stumbled across on my travels a few years ago. And after a bit of digging discovered that amongst others, a group of 12 ladies called the Sun City Poms reside there. Complete with the aforementioned pom-poms, satin & a whole lot of sequins (there’s some cowboy boots and Silver top hats in there somewhere as well). I’ve been meaning to go back ever since and finally got round to it in May.

An absolutely brilliant bunch of ladies and visually complimented by the perfectly manicured streets of orange trees, cactus and coloured stone chip lawns around Sun City.

While I was there I couldn’t help but think that with the American obsession for child beauty pageants, you have one age group of society trying to grow up way too fast, while at the other end of the age scale another group strives to hold back the years in some way. And does a pretty damn good job of it really…