‘The Jump’ for Channel 4

After getting in a bit of skiing time over christmas it was a case of coming back to London to for 24 hours grab my camera gear, assistant, and enough lighting to keep the excess baggage people at the airline very happy, before heading out to the mountains of Austria to shoot for Channel 4’s new reality series ‘The Jump’.  The general premise being to push, throw and slide various celebrities off things at great speed in the veiled hope they might crash or at least produce a few tears as part of the lead up to the Winter Olympics. When he wasn’t playing with the mountain rescue dog we had on set, Steve managed to film a little behind the scenes video of the shoot as well… www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkhrHdYUvCY&feature=share&list=PLBKfErliSueNFS_XNXvs_uxhw98c_MAjC&index=7“>

Ritchie Neville 'The Jump'                Melinda Messenger 'The Jump'