AXA Insurance

Just wrapped up a shoot for AXA Global Protect Insurance and Oliver Marketing. Managing to miss the entire 2 weeks of English summer in the process… but all offset by the fact we had our internal organs baked in the 45 degree heat of Dubai and consumed more water than the hull of the Titanic in the humidity of Hong Kong and Singapore. Ads to come soon, but here’s a few behind the scenes shots in the meantime…



Mens Journal

Got to shoot a cool feature for Mens Journal USA in June for an article on the ‘Death of Golf’ that is apparently occurring in the U.S. Nothing quite like the sight of my assistant Steve doing laps across a fairway at dawn with a smoke machine in hand and wheeling a 50kg solid marble gravestone around the course… Or then being approached by a member of the grounds staff who hadn’t been told about our shoot, and consequently thought we were either setting said fairway on fire, drunk and trespassing… or potentially trying to bury a loved one who was a massive golf fan. All the elements were shot on location at the golf course and then composited together. Big shout out to Karl Hugill at One White Chair for the great retouch.




Finlandia Vodka

11 flights, 6 cities, 3 weeks, a gay cross dressing Lucha Libre wrestler, a grizzly bear. Back in September I headed off with the team from Wieden+Kennedy to shoot an amazing campaign for Finlandia Vodka. ‘1000 Years of Less Ordinary’ found people from around the world who embody the ‘less ordinary’ spirit, and whose ages total one thousand years. The end result meant being up an Icelandic volcano one day, and hand feeding strawberries to a 450kg grizzly bear in Lapland the next. Bloody great shoot and equally great creative team of Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy from Wieden+Kennedy. Think we’ve almost recovered from the lack of sleep…


185 183 186 192

Strange & Norrell

Shot waaaay back in January of 2104, but only just released, are my images from the BBC’s production of Strange and Norrell. All shot on location at Wentworth Woodhouse near Rotherham. A privately owned Georgian residence that is twice the size of Buckingham Palace. Standing in for messieurs Strange & Norrell are my assistants, the slightly less flamboyantly named, Ian & Steve.

S&N33869-1 S&N_BTS



Compare the Meerkat

As if shooting the Hoff wasn’t enough, at the end of January I headed to LA for VCCP and their new Compare the Market campaign featuring the Govenator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cue obligatory team photo. I should just quit while I’m ahead really. Images from the shoot are up on the site.


Hoff The Record

After wrapping up a shoot for Channel 4 in the snowy mountains of Austria in the first week of January, the next day we hit the beach for Wieden + Kennedy to shoot the campaign for David Hasselhoff’s new series ‘Hoff The Record’. I use the term ‘beach’ generously… it was Southend in horizontal rain and about 5 degrees.





Headless In Vegas

Headed over to Las Vegas in April to shoot my new series ‘Headless in Vegas’. And as a result I can now confirm that 10 days in Vegas is about 7 days too many.

Street characters proliferate the Vegas strip working on a photos for tips basis. The people who inhabit them vary greatly. For some it’s a full time job, some part time as a second job. Others are homeless, some illegal immigrants.

The costumes provide a thin veneer to our beloved super heroes and cartoon characters, the costumes often poor, disheveled imitations, held together with gaffa tape in places. They are a fitting metaphor for the glitz and bustle of the Vegas strip. Walk a few blocks off the Strip and large empty and abandoned lots are many. A reminder of failed ideas and dreams, that never came to fruition.


Headless In Vegas - Storm Trooper

Headless In Vegas - Ironman

Headless In Vegas - Bus Stop

‘The Jump’ for Channel 4

After getting in a bit of skiing time over christmas it was a case of coming back to London to for 24 hours grab my camera gear, assistant, and enough lighting to keep the excess baggage people at the airline very happy, before heading out to the mountains of Austria to shoot for Channel 4’s new reality series ‘The Jump’.  The general premise being to push, throw and slide various celebrities off things at great speed in the veiled hope they might crash or at least produce a few tears as part of the lead up to the Winter Olympics. When he wasn’t playing with the mountain rescue dog we had on set, Steve managed to film a little behind the scenes video of the shoot as well…“>

Ritchie Neville 'The Jump'                Melinda Messenger 'The Jump'